Specialty Talent

Ring Spinning Female

About this Role


SeaWorld San Antonio is seeking specialty acts to "WOW" our guests with amazing feats, creativity and ingenuity.


Is your specialty talent:

  • One-of-a-Kind?
  • Contain that "WOW" factor?
  • Something that most people haven't seen before?


Then we're looking for YOU!


  • A variety of employment periods are available:
    • Summer (May/June - August)
    • Halloween (September - October) 
    • Christmas (October - December)
  • Day & evening shifts are available, depending on park operating hours and performance schedules.  Be advised that if you are auditioning for Electric Ocean, the event takes place in the afternoon and evening during our Summer park hours.



Starting Pay Rate: $10.25 per hour


Prepare for the Audition

  • Please bring any props, required costume pieces, digital music (auxiliary cable and Bluetooth available) and any other item(s) your specialty act requires.
  • Outdoor space for large specialty acts can be accommodated.
  • You may be asked to demonstrate your moving ability on the ground.
  • Please wear/bring form fitting athletic attire that allows a full range of movement.
  • Prepare a resume and headshot, which will be retained by the audition team (optional but recommended for specialty acts.

Upcoming Auditions


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